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Written by Friday, 08 January 2021 22:54; Read 2349 times Last modified on Friday, 26 February 2021 23:28
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The end of winter is coming! We are almost into spring and the temperatures are beginning to rise. So now we need a somewhat cooler footwear. Would you like to wear one of our espadrilles?

Keep in mind that you will not only be able to find them in a large number of models and colors but also in a wide variety of materials. And it is precisely in the latter, in the materials, that we want to emphasize in these lines.

What is your favorite material?

First of all we have to tell you that only the best espadrilles have a place within our work philosophy. All of them have passed through a very demanding manufacturing process with the highest possible quality standards.

The sole objective of providing you with footwear of the highest quality regardless of the material we use to make them.

100% natural and totally sustainable materials

We are proud to have a wide range of natural espadrilles. Some eco-friendly espadrilles (that's what the modern call them), made from sustainable materials, which do not include any type of chemical component that can affect, for example, the skin.

Cotton of the highest quality

Without a doubt, cotton is one of the materials that we use the most in our espadrilles. Such is the freshness, comfort and lightness that it brings that it is not surprising that they are some of the most demanded by those who have trusted us.

The best leather for your espadrilles

We also have to talk about the skin that we use for many of our designs. Some designs that seek to create comfortable espadrilles that are resistant to use and the passage of time. A way, in short, to wear perfect shoes for those slightly more special occasions. Or did you think that elegance was at odds with our espadrilles?

Remind you that our espadrilles are made in Spain so it is a 100% national product. A design very ours with all the essence of our land.